Thursday 12 December 2013

Advent Day Twelve

Do you mind if we join you today when you open the door for the 12th please Amber?  Charlotte and Victoria ask.

Of course not.  Replies Amber.  It is all part of the fun.

I wonder what will be in there today?  Amber comments.

We're hoping it will be something to go in our little basket that was yesterday's gift.  Victoria tells Amber.

Oh I hope so, wouldn't that be great?  Amber says to the girls.

Now where is door number 12?  She murmurs.  Ah, here it is!

Amber opens the door.

Oh look, perfect!  She exclaims.  Just what is needed.

She holds the bag up.  Vegetables!

Oh wonderful, says both Charlotte and Victoria together.  Vegetables are just perfect.

We have a parsnip and a carrot.  Amber shows them.

I think we are going to need a bit more than this, but they will do for starters.

She reaches over....

...and puts the parsnip in the basket.  

There you go, one parsnip....

...and one carrot.  Amber says as she reaches over to put the carrot in the basket as well.

Now where shall we put it?  Victoria asks.

Just down there.  Amber suggests.

The girls put it down in a similar spot to yesterday.

Looks like the little grey mouse might have spied it already and is surreptitiously making his way to have a little nibble. 

The girls watch on while Amber poses for her Christmas photo.

Beautiful Amber, my large head, pony tail,  no seam torso early 60s Gotz girl with the gorgeous yellow eyes.  The third of the three dolls that my husband bought when we went to Shelly's in May 2011.  My younger son named her and I think it is a great name for her.  She really is a pretty girl (in my eyes anyway)  I love the way she just looks at you so intently sometimes as if she is trying to send a message.

Two very similar close ups...just because I felt like it!


  1. What a sweet girl Amber is. I'm beginning to really like these dolls as much as the Trendons. The advent calendar is the best I've ever seen for this kind of story blog. I still have fond memories of the little pictures behind the doors on the German ones my Great-Aunt used to have sent to me though.

    1. Thank you, I think Amber is very sweet as well. I too have very fond memories of the little pictures behind the doors, and always looked forward to that special tradition each Christmas. This is the first year I haven't had one. Feels a bit odd I must say, even if my printed picture one was recycled each year!

  2. Pleased to see that I was right and that we now have some contents for the food basket. Glad then that yesterday's two girls joined Amber today and helped fill the empty basket with some vegetable foods.
    We didn't have Advent calendars in my childhood days and only the little pictures behind the closed doors in my daughter's days. Now they usually have chocolates and extra special ones like this one here.

    1. This got me thinking Kendal when WAS the first Advent calendar? Looking on line the first hand made advent calendar dates way back in the 19th century in 1851. The first printed Advent Calendar, although without windows to open was published in 1908, and at the beginning of the 20th Century the first Advent Calendars with little doors to open were printed. Apparently the calendars were banned during the war and then printed again after the war in 1946 (Although I am not sure if this was in the UK, or Europe, it is not clear). The first one to have chocolates in was 1958! Here I was thinking chocolates in Advent Calendars was only recent in the last twenty years of so.

    2. Ooh dear Lorraine - I hope my children don't read those interesting facts. I told them that chocolate advent calendars hadn't been invented when they were growing up in the 70s and early 80s! They seem to think they had a deprived childhood compared to their own offspring!
      My yellow eyed Gotz girl is also named Amber - it always seemed just perfect for her.

  3. Amber is very pretty and I love her sweet expression! Her green dress is so festive!!!


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