Sunday 29 December 2013

Can it get any shorter young lady?

Stevie and Weaver spent some time outside today - it was cold, but the sun was shining and they seemed to not feel the cold too much.  

Weaver is wearing her new Sashapotamus skirt and has teamed it with various other items of clothing she found when rummaging around in the drawers.

Sadly Stevie's purple skirt didn't arrive with the same order - there was a bit of a hiccup with the payment not being claimed and I didn't realise until after the order had been sent, so it will be here later in January.  As a result I had to make her a skirt that 'looked similar Mum'.  By that she meant short and in corduroy fabric - this was as close as I could get!  Seems the girls think the shorter the better as well!  I'm not sure I will actually let them go out in public 'dressed like that!'.  

Seems white stockings were the best she could find...she wasn't especially happy with them and has put in an order for something darker.

Not sure quite what they are discussing, I took this with my zoom lens as I didn't want to snoop.

Stevie has borrowed one of the boys sweaters by the looks of it.  

I think she actually looks surprisingly good in it.


  1. Certainly reminds me of MY mini skirt days in the late sixties/early seventies when co-ordinating knickers/pants were required to go over the normal flesh coloured nylon tights (which had your white pants underneath) to preserve one's modesty.
    Luckily these days, as your two very trendily dressed girls have on, there are the thicker knit tights available to do just that.... and keep you warm at the same time.

  2. Heehee! I remember walking out of the house in my knee length uniform skirt, crossing the road to the public loos in the prk, putting on my barely covering the gym knickers gym skirt, walking the important part of the route to school (ie past the boys' grammar school!), in at my friend's garden gate, into their garage, changing back into the knee length job and then on the last quarter mile or so to the school gate.
    What DID we imagine we looked like Kendal? Did you have the ghastly (then, of course, beautiful) white lipstick?
    I was just a little too young to be listened to when I pleaded for miniskirts and the answer was always NO! By the time I was old enough for a clothing allowance, maxi skirts were in fashion. Perhaps it was just as well. They look cute on Sashas but I'm not sure many of us are built to their wonderful proportions. Back in the day, I was too skinny to look good and now I'm too chunky - never achieved perfection!

  3. Stevie and Weaver look fabulous in their mini skirts and tights!!! They are both so well put together and it is so nice to see Stevie front and center <3


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