Tuesday 17 December 2013

Advent Day Seventeen

Hey there Ziva, do you want to watch me today?  Peter asks.

Yeah, sure.  Ziva replies as they both look for door number seventeen. 

Here it is Ziva, I have found it.  Peter tells her while she watches on.

Peter opens the door carefully.

Reaches inside....

Oooh.... he says.

It is a fox!  I hope it is friendly than the ones we get in our garden.  Peter tells Ziva as he looks at the fox.

You are a friendly fox aren't you?  Peter asks the fox.

I'll pop you down here, but you have to promise to be good and not eat any of the other animals.  Peter tells the fox as he puts it down.

There you go.

The fox has a little sniff and then decides to follow the sled that Santa is pulling.

Peter poses for his Christmas photo.

Peter is a blonde blue jeans Gregor from 1972.

A close up his eyes.

A Christmas photo of Ziva as she didn't really have hers taken earlier on when she opened the door.

Ziva is a limited edition Gotz Yamka.

A close up of her eyes underneath her hair that she refuses to brush away!


  1. Lovely as usual - Peter is gorgeous, such beautiful eyes - almost too pretty for a boy! As for Ziva, she's a very striking young lady and knows exactly who she is. Don't they look great in their matching outfits!

    1. He is isn't he? Quite a contrast with Ziva as his companion today. She certainly knows exactly who she is and what she wants!

  2. Oh oh! A fox, it's a good job Lottie is home with me with her trusty catapult!

  3. Ziva really suits the darker coloured night star dress with her oriental colouring. (Nice touch that they are wearing matching material item of clothing.)
    Like the way Peter places the fox as though it is just emerging from the shelter of the tree.
    Loving their outlined Irises.

    1. Thank you Kendal. Ziva certainly suits the dark colours - makes her all the more dramatic...which she loves!

  4. I love the matching outfits. Both dolls are beautiful!

  5. Lovely pair with their festive stars shining bright!!! Ziva is just amazing and I love her pretty face with stray strands of hair too, lovely!!!


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