Tuesday 3 December 2013

Advent Day Three

Today it is Marcia's turn to open the Advent Calendar door.

She is very excited and Danni, Henry, Sasha and Lottie (who seems to be hiding from the camera!) are watching excitedly.

Sasha points to the little door with number three on it.  There's number three. She says.

Marci goes to open the door.

Henry and Lottie watch intently wondering what the gift will be today.

Oh look!  Says Marcia.

A couple of little badgers and a cauliflowers!

She shows them one of the little baders.

Isn't it sweet?  She says.

She pops them on the scene, while the others watch on.

There you go little fellow.  She says as she gently places the badger down.

They all gather round to see how lovely the winter wonderland looks.

That was fun wasn't it Marcia?  Lottie says.


  1. The little badgers look really sweet. Have you decided then that the larger windows are opened by two Sasha Dolls and the smaller ones by one doll?
    Looks like it is going to be a lovely Winter's country scene.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Actually no, I just wrote down the numbers 1 - 24 and then started writing their names next to the numbers. Some in pairs (sorted by hair colour, or something similar) and some singular ..but what a good idea!

    3. That's gorgeous, Lorraine! (And how appropriate now that the badger cull has been abandoned.)

    4. Indeed Jocelyn, it is isn't it?!

  2. Even though Lottie is heading home we will tune in to see this lovely advent scene emerge. I love the Christmas cauliflowers and Yeh for the badgers news!


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