Sunday, 18 December 2016

Sunday Summary - The week's knitting.

Henry, having got his new hair deserved a new sweater and I had been wanting to make this one for a while with my special Arapawa NZ Wool.  This wool is from a rare breeds sheep and is just wonderful and perfectly 'boyish' I think.

He is certainly pleased with it and hasn't taken it off.

I have knitted a couple more dresses for my Etsy Shop 

Sparkly purple, this dress would of course look fantastic with the appropriate boots!  

The back

Plus hot pink - again with glitter/sparkles through it, although the colour is difficult to capture at our current levels of low light.

Maddison of course thinks it goes perfectly with her hot pink boots and this time she is right!

A Christmas dress for Tilly, 'A Girl for All Time'

On my needles to be finished.

I'm not normally one to put feedback on my posts, but was thrilled to get this lovely message in reference to the cardigan and beret above that I showed last week:

Hi Lorraine, Received my sweater today and am in total Awe of your talent. Such tiny stitches and your workmanship is amazing! I LOVE THIS!

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  1. Henry's sweater is beautiful, I love the pattern too! The dresses all are lovely too, as is the set of beret and cardigan :-).


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