Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Fourteen

Hey there Henry

Good morning Caleb.  Can you believe it is only 11 days to Christmas?! 

I know exciting isn't it?!  Caleb replies.

So day fourteen...where is it I wonder?

Here it is!  Caleb says as he spies the number fourteen.

Opening the window

Hmm..this looks interesting.  He says with Henry watching on.

Some strange bits in this package.

Ooh, it is a helicopter!

This is pretty cool.

Caleb is pretty pleased he got to make up a helicopter.

That is pretty cool Caleb.  Henry agrees.


  1. Now that's an unique Advent calendar. I've never seen one with prezzies inside each day.

    1. These are such fun. It is the fifth year now we have blogged Advent Calendar openings, but the first we have had a Lego scene... we normally have playmobile ones.but the boys are certainly enjoying it.


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