Saturday, 17 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Seventeen

Gosh Pierre, I haven't seen you out of the Harry Potter Costume for a VERY long time, I almost didn't recognise you!  Henry exclaims as Pierre approaches...

Well you know how it is.  Pierre replies.  It really was time for a change and any way it really would be most improper to open the Advent Calendar in the same clothes as I did last year.

I guess...says Henry amazed, as he really didn't expect Pierre to change out of the clothes as once Pierre decided on something it was hard to change his mind as he doesn't like change much.

So today is the 17th.  Pierre informs Henry.

It certainly is.  Agrees Henry.

Well that was easy. Pierre says as he finds the window.

He opens it up.

Pulls out a bag of pieces.

Now this looks interesting. He says.

Of course!  He says as he looks at the pieces.

This won't take long.

Gosh you were pretty quick.  Henry says.

Naturally.  Pierre tells Henry.  It was easy.  I just had to look at the pieces and I knew exactly how they were to go together.

It is a little stall.  

I've just got to decide what it is going to sell.

How about candy floss?  Henry suggests.

What a great idea.  Pierre says.  Of course others know it as Cotton Candy.

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  1. I like Pierre's sweater and trousers; a very nice dressy-casual look. The Christmas scene is filling in nicely. Looking forward to seeing it complete.


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