Thursday, 8 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Eight

Hi guys!

Hi Henry,  Connor and James say together.

We thought we would open the next two windows.  They tell Henry.

Sounds good to me. Henry replies.

James takes his turn today.

Aha, here is the window.

He opens it up.

and reaches inside.

Ooh, I think I might have a little Lego man.  He tells them.

He unwraps the package.

Look a body...

...and legs...

He puts the man together while Henry and Connor watch.

He is a hockey player.  James tells them.

Look Connor.  James says as he holds the figure for Connor to see.

I'm going to put him on the frozen pond so he can play ice hockey. 


  1. Cute little hockey player - but no solution to the mystery of yesterday's item! I still wonder what it is?

    1. The items are quite mysterious! Still the boys are enjoying it very much.

  2. Both Benjamin Roy and Daddy John are hockey fans, so they approve of the hockey figure!

  3. James and Connor certainly look festive. They're always such snappy dressers.

    1. They look wonderful, don't they?

    2. Thank you! They do like to dress the same these two.


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