Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Twenty One

Hi there, you must be my new family.  The boy says as he approaches.

Hi!  Rory and Henry say.  What is your name?

I'm Donny.  The new boy tells them.  Am I in time to open this Advent Calendar I have heard about?

You sure are.  Henry reassures him.

They all look for the number 21.

I think I spy it up there.  Donny says.

Yup, that's it alright.  Now how to get up there.

He uses the box and steadies himself on it.

Checks he has the right number.

Opens the window.

Rory and Henry watch on, wondering what today's package will be.

Oh look!

This package has green bits in it.

I think it might be a tree. Rory suggests.

Could be. Henry agrees.

Let's get it open then.  Donny says.

Yes, lots of green bits.  I am pretty sure this is going to be a tree.  Donny says to the boys.

Henry watches over Donny's shoulder as he makes up the little tree.

That's what yesterday's items must be for.  Henry says.  They are presents for underneath the tree.

Strange though as normally the tree comes first THEN the presents!

They all agree, that really the tree should have come before the presents...but it was still fun working out what they were.

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  1. Lovely new boy. I love the photo where he looks back at henry to say soemthing, really very cute together.


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