Monday, 12 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Twelve

'Arwwe', Morning Bobby, Hamish says as he scratches his head and yawns.

Morning Hamish. Bobby replies.

Bobby wastes no time in getting the window open today!

He reaches inside.

Gets out the package

Opens it up

Tips it out

and makes it 'just like that'  with no time to waste.

Goodness me Bobby, Hamish says.  Are you on energiser batteries this morning?

No.  Why do you ask? Says Bobby.

Well you barely drew breath as you made that!  Hamish tells him.  Well come on, what is it?

It is a street light of course!  Bobby says laughing.

Well high five then Bobby.  Hamish says.  On a job well done.

On that note the boys 'High Five' and then go about their business....whatever that may be!

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