Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Secret Santa Swap Gifts Received - Part Two.

More Secret Santa Reveals:

DollMum and her daughter wrote this to Santa:

Dear Santa,

Edmund would love his very own Christmas motif knitted sweater (Toddler boy, red hair)
Amy would love a Christmas dress (Baby Ginger - red hair)
Daisy would love a Christmas dress (Baby girl with blond hair)
Nina would love a Christmas dress (Baby Little Flower, dark curly hair)
The babies would also appreciate some tights (any colours, patterned or plain)

Any 3 of the above would be great.  If a dress could be smocked (simple smocking) this would be very much appreciated as Rosie loves smocked dresses for the dolls.  I will teach her how to do smocking seeing as she is managing cross stitch very well.

Secret Santa Mary R did very well at fulfilling this wish!

The packages...

Inside there was a green dress, a red dress with white snowmen and a red, gold and green dress (smocked), all three had matching underwear.  In the package for us was three pairs of baby tights: green, red and white, perfect for matching their dresses (worn underneath the knickers).

DollMum has blogged about her Christmas Day and you can find it by clicking 'here'.


Next up with have the wonderful gifts JoAnn received from Secret Santa Rochelle.

JoAnn wrote in her letter:

Dear Santa,

this is the first time we have sent a letter to you and hope that you get it in time.
the boys want boots or shoes or something like that cuz they have cold feet and the babies want blankies.  
my sisters and I would love anything pretty and maybe a new doll or two? 

Thank you so much Santa, we will have some cookies and milk waiting for you!!

lots of love from the 'S' kids

These are the fabulous gifts they received:

Much excitement as they look at the gifts.

They start to unwrap



Wool boots

Goodies for 'Mum'

The kids with all their wonderful gifts.

Letter from Santa's workshop.

JoAnn writes:

A big thank you for letting us take part in Secret Santa!  And a big thank you to our Secret Santa Rochelle! We all loved the gifts she sent.


I was Rochelle's Secret Santa.

She wrote:

Dear Santa,
I have many boys, girls and babies and all are feeling neglected this year.  They have lots of things, but I still don't have enough Christmas clothes to go around.  So nice christmas wear is what is requested for my brood.

This is what she received:

The parcels before they were sent.

Receiving the package.

Deciding which to ope first.

Opening them.

All the gifts

Wearing them.

Rochelle writes:

I took a lot of pictures of my little ones opening all their wonderful gifts.  Honey (the baby), Spike (my spike haired boy) and Sasha (my first and the one to keep the name for herself) loved their new clothes and toys,  Thank you.

I tried to cover all bases, making a Christmas themed outfit for a girl, a boy and a baby - the first Christmas outfit I have ever made for a baby!

Baby Barney Bam Bam got to model it before it was packaged up...he was promised one for himself...did I make one?!  So I am not in his good books, although I didn't say WHICH Christmas he would get one!

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  1. All the presents you show in this and previous post are so pretty and carefully thought out, it's a wonderful swap!


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