Friday 25 October 2013

A tribute to a wonderful and talented lady: Jean Jensen

Only yesterday I posted about the terrific fringed waistcoat and boots that Jean made for me Christmas 2011 for the Secret Santa Swap.  I was so saddened to read this morning that Jean passed away yesterday. She was a very special lady who will be remembered very fondly in the Sasha community for her graciousness, friendliness and of course amazing talent, especially in making her fabulous 'JJ Shoes' which many of us are lucky to have.

I remember with much fondness our conversations before I went to New Zealand last year when I asked her for a pair of 'hiking' (walking) boots for Henry as I knew we would be hiking with my Dad while over there. Jean came up trumps with what eventually became known as 'Henry's Hiking Boots or Henry's New Zealand Hiking Boots'.  I feel that was a very special thing to do, not only make these boots for Henry, but then to also name the boots after him.  Henry feels very honoured indeed.

Jean also made some special shoes for my 'twins', Connor and James and I do believe most of my girls have a pair of her shoes for which I feel very lucky indeed.

Dear Jean, we will miss you and corresponding with you, and will remember you with fondness and a smile every time Henry wears his boots, and when any of the boys or girls wears their shoes.  Our prayers and best wishes are with your family and friends at this sad time and I hope the love that we all had for you will bring them the strength needed in the days, weeks, months and years to follow.

Love Lorraine & Henry


  1. I too am very sad that Jean has died. I never met her or corresponded with her but can tell that she was lovely simply from the responses to her death on the forum and by your blog post. I am lucky enough to have 2 of her pairs of shoes, one pair purchased at last year's festival in Stratford upon Avon (I hunted down the person with the suitcase of shoes as quickly as I could at the sale) and one pair sent to me by Ginger earlier this year. I wish I had more of her shoes, they are miniature works of art. RIP Jean and condolences to her family.

  2. This is so sad - I too didn't know Jean, but do have some lovely friendly and helpful emails from her. Even when she was spending more and more time with prolonged hospital visits she was so positive. I too am lucky enough to have a pair of Henry's hiking boots together with some beautiful white snow boots that Jean made especially for my little Biba, and several pairs of her perfectly designed traditional sandals. As others have said, she leaves us with a wonderful legacy and will be loved, appreciated and remembered by so many. Jude D

  3. What sad news. Though only through emails, I grew very fond of Jean and her leather work was a real joy to see. She was cheerful and supportive in so many ways.
    God bless, Jean.

  4. As everyone else has said, Jean was a really lovely lady and I'm very sad that she has left us. I had several emails back and forth with her and she was looking forward to being out of hospital and back making sad. I'm lucky enough to have 4 pairs of her gorgeous little T bar sandals and I'm sure some of my kids will be wearing them even though we are entering the winter months....they are just too cute to put away. RIP Jean, we'll miss you sorely.

  5. Jean was indeed a wonderful, kind, talented and most generous woman whom could never be forgotten by any Sasha collector who has even one pair of her beautiful shoes for their Sasha Dolls.
    My sincere condolences to her family and friends.
    God bless her and may she rest in peace.


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