Monday 28 October 2013

Autumn Pinafore Swap - Part Seven

The next swap partners to show their lovely pinafore swaps are Dorisanne and Theresa.

Theresa was very imaginative with the pinafore she sent Dorisanne.

A cute pinafore with an appliqued tree with a pocket in the front with a 'surprise'.  Theresa sewed beads and sequins on the tree trunk, branches and leaves and made a little sleeveless flowery blouse to wear under the pinafore.

a lovely cardigan with flowers embroidered on the front.

Below is Dorisanne's lovely red head wearing her new pinafore.

The sweater, hat and mittens were knitted from a lovely brown yarn with metallic flecks in it. In addition she sent Sasha a set of eraser puzzles.

Dorisanne sent Theresa TWO pinafores!

The green pinafore is made from felt and has little owls and the word boo on it.  She also made a little bag to go with it.

Tess is wearing two pinafores which i have been sent by Dorisanne and a matching blouse and bag. Excuse Tess's hair but there is a storm blowing at the mo, so i am just glad that she managed to stand up. 
The blouse has a lovely owl print anf the orange pinafore is made out of corduroy lined with the owl fabric.
The green pinafore is made from felt and  has volley little owls and the word boo on it, Dorisanne also made a volley little felt bag with an owl on it. I think the outfit is just wonderful and i hope you like the photo's.

The orange corduroy pinafore is lined with owl fabric and also has a cute little owl appliqué on the front with a matching blouse underneath

Well done ladies, these are fabulous and so very creative indeed!

I am still waiting on some confirmations that swaps have been received before I post some photos.

I am waiting on eight to confirm they have received their swaps.  
Four people have still to contact me to confirm that they have sent their swaps! Come on ladies, please let me know what is happening.  I am assuming everything is okay as I haven't heard from you or your partners.  I do hope this is the case.

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  1. ......And still these amazing, and unique pinafore creations flood in! Congratulations to all!


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