Wednesday 15 January 2014

Winter clothes and a new dress for sale.

I have added a new dress to my Sasha Clothing Sales Page.

Seen here being modelled by Ziva.

She then got changed back into the clothes she chose to wear during these colder days.

A ribbed sweater dress I knitted a couple of years ago with tights I made to go with it.

Tilly Rose is wearing a sweater I also knitted a couple of years ago teamed with a pleated skirt and similar tights to Ziva only a different shade.

Nancy has chosen to wear this lovely little dress - not sure who made it as it doesn't have a label.

All my dolls changed out of their Christmas clothes just before the New Year but I am only just starting to get a chance to take photos of them.


  1. all lovely clothes Lorraine, I think ruth made the green having a sewing blank today !!! xxxxx

    1. Thank you Sarah, I thought it was one of hers. The little buttons are so cute!

  2. Lovely girls in lovely clothes. You have some very specil Sashas.
    J x

  3. Like Sarah I too thought that the green tartan dress was made by Ruthsdolls but on second viewing I'm not so sure.... although it has her laced trimmed collar trademark and a style that Ruth has made in a Black Watch Tartan (as I had one) ....but not I think in that particular thicker brushed cotton? material unless someone had wanted a later copy made. (It's most unusual that it if it is hers that it hasn't her label in it.)

  4. Lovely outfits Lorraine!! Love the matching of pretty skirts and sweaters that remind me of school days years ago...wonderful memories :)


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