Wednesday 22 January 2014

Henry's Knitwear

Continuing the photographs from my sorting through Henry's clothes the other day ...we have the knitwear.

The wonderful mushroom sweater & hat and cricket vest were made by Erica for Henry and are truly treasured items in Henry's wardrobe.

This fabulous pirate sweater cap were made by Gill and given to Henry by Tobias and his Motley Crew and you  can read about it here.

Henry's sailing ships...the top was given given to him by Rosie S and the bottom I bought for him.  Henry often wears these when we go to visit the Sailor.

This is the sweater he arrived wearing - funny but I don't think he has ever worn it since!

These two I made for him. The top cardigan I made in NZ in 2012 and the bottom I finished a few weeks ago.

This fabulous vest I bought from Linda and it is of course one of his favourites.

This sweater was given to him by Margaret and you can read about it here although Henry often lets the girls wear it as can be seen here where we have Susan wearing it.

So I think that sums up the knitwear....


  1. Gosh just how lucky is he?
    None of my Brood have anything that is just THEIRS (apart from Bea who is the only toddler.) Everything is shared.
    Note to myself 'Must not let any of them see this post.'

    1. Indeed he is! It has been quite an interesting exercise (in procrastination) as I didn't quite realise just what he DID have that seems to be exclusively his. Of course he does share some things - they all do, but they each seem to have some items that are specific to each individual, Henry more than others naturally.

  2. All the knits are lovely. I prefer knits since they are soft and stretch to aid the on and off process.
    The best thing, to me, is his vest with "Henry" on it -what a good looking thing it is! And, all his!

  3. Henry has almost more knitwear than I do! (well not quite)
    Our Sasha family do share some outfits, but some outfits have definitely become 'owned'.

    1. It is strange how that happens isn't it. I had made Henry an outfit that has definitely become Rory's as has a Dolly Doodle set I initially bought for Henry become Rory's.

  4. Gorgeous knitwear!!! I love them all but especially the pirate sweater and cap, Arghhhhhh ;)


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