Monday 20 January 2014

New Ensemble 'Elephants' For Sale

A new ensemble 'Elephants'  fashioned in Sasha 'Studio Style' this outfit comes complete with dress, pantaloons, cardigan and beret.

Bodice is line, sleeves are elasticated at cuff, seams are overlocked/serged and the hem is hand sewn.

A choice of either dark or light cardigan/sweater and beret

This outfit costs £50 plus postage.  Please specify if you would like the light or dark cardigan & beret combination.


  1. My! You are a 'busy bee!'
    Personally I think that the darker knitwear looks the best. Good luck with the sale.

    1. Thank you Kendal...I think I prefer the darker colour as well, but quite like the lighter one on Marcia - I think it suits her colouring!

  2. Beautiful outfit and I prefer the darker sweater too. Very nice :)


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