Monday, 1 July 2013

Sasha Festival CFA

Sasha & Claudius with some items for the UK Donation for the Sasha Festival CFA.

(Taken for Rosie who organised this fabulous donation)


  1. What is the make of the bigger pushchair - I didn't take a close enough photo of it at Dawn's Sasha day.

  2. Such a beautiful picture!

  3. Super accessories to the CFA raffle doll. Rosie has done a marvellous job of project managing this European donation to the US Festival. Many thanks to her.
    Thanks to you too Lorraine for voluntering to help take out (and set up the scene with Dawn when there) the items as they would be far too much for Dawn to take on her own.
    Loving both the pushchairs but particularly the toddler's one.
    The little dolls look beautifully dressed (by Rosie) for their walk.

    1. The little dolls are all dressed beautifully aren't they Kendal? Rosie did a fantastic job organising this.

      I am looking forward to setting it all up with Dawn and taking photos of the display.


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