Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sasha Festival 2013 - Part Five: 'Happy Birthday, Sasha M.!' Dinner & Presentation

Saturday afternoon we had a bit of free time and Henry had a wander around the Atrium

He admired the waterfall and foliage

Contemplating....perhaps he is deciding what to wear to dinner for the 'Happy Birthday, Sasha M.! '

He isn't alone for long....

Goodness, he thinks, this doesn't look like a Sasha person to me!  I wonder who she can be?

Turns out this is Vicki, whose person is Tom Beach and she had come along for the ride and was very happy to meet Henry and put him straight at ease with her friendly American manner after his first startled look.  

It wasn't long before it was time for dinner.  The room was set out beautifully and everyone found tables with Sasha friends they wanted to sit with.

There was a lovely birthday cake to celebrate Sasha's birthday.

Gathering round the table with the balloons

The pretty girls at our table in their party best clothes.

Some more lovely girls at another table.

They are all ready to party!

Norvell's pretty Harlequin girl, Emma.

Jenny D was our table hostess and gave us a lovely little bag with a bead necklace, some ribbons and hair ties.  

The lovely Sasha standing beside Henry is wearing one of Jenny's lovely necklace gifts.

Loving these babies enjoying the celebration.

Gorgeous blonde in a dress by Marty.

Ginger's lovely blonde Sasha.

Another beautiful Sasha in lilac

After the dinner we were treated to a presentation by Anne Votaw and a wonderful display of Studio Dolls.

This lovely girl called Erin,  I came very close to buying...well at least I held her and dreamt up schemes to enable me to do so.  Sadly or fortunately wisdom prevailed and she ended up with Jackie K, which worked out perfectly as she had missed out on her a few years back, so I was thrilled for her.  Sometimes things are just meant to work out the way they do.

After admiring these gorgeous dolls we sat down to listen to the presentation.

I will let the pictures do the 'talking'.

I find this all so interesting and am amazed at all the variety of clothes, footwear, features, hair etc... that these wonderful dolls have.  Thank you Sasha M for your inspiration that has brought years of joy, love and friendship to all who have discovered these beautiful dolls.

Now what did we get for our Festival Souvenir Gift on Saturday evening?

Well the most amazing smocked dresses by Millie Dingham.

These were really a sight to behold.  Every single one of them was presented in a lovely box with matching ribbon tied round the box.  The dress was beautiful hand smocked both front and back, and included matching underwear and slip, plus shoes and socks. Each one was individual and I think we were all pretty overwhelmed and amazed by these wonderful dresses and the beautiful work Millie Dingham.  I don't think most of us could even comprehend making 100 of these dresses, let alone smock and embroider them all.
I will give a quick preview - but photos of the dresses will appear in tomorrow's post - as it was Sunday morning many of these dresses were displayed.


  1. This was a great post Lorraine, I loved seeing all the Studio Doll slides especially, and Henry with his new pal in the atrium. Thanks x

  2. Another wonderful and most interesting post especially for me seeing my first Studio Doll, Erin, up for sale again and now living with Jackie Kramer.
    Glad to hear that you managed to at least have a hold and hopefully a cuddle of her. She was amazing in that she had ALL her original clothing in pristine condition.

    Was also thrilled to see two photos of another of my Studio Dolls, Hedea, a 1969 vinyl CI in the facemoulds and 1900 girls pictures and whom I still have here.

    Loved watching the programmed talk charting the History of the dolls and their clothing.

    Looking forward to seeing all the different birthday gift Millie Dingham smocked dresses tomorrow.
    Many thanks as always, Lorraine for these superb photos.

    1. Oh how wonderful that you had Erin as well. Gosh she certainly has got around hasn't she? She was so lovely, I plotted all night after holding her and having a cuddle the night before the display scheming until wisdom prevailed! ;-)

      It was wonderful to see all these slides and to hear about the history of the dolls and their clothing which fascinates me.

  3. Thank you so much Lorraine for this interesting post! I have never seen such a large presentation with regard to the Studio dolls :-). Liss

    1. So glad you enjoyed it Liss :-) It makes it all the more worthwhile to know people are enjoying my posts.

  4. This was really very interesting, I would have loved to have seen the presentation as it seemed to have been very detailed and I like that a lot. I'm fascinated that Sasha Morgenthaler was mentored by Paul Klee because he is one of my favourite artists...we have several prints of his work in our house! I really loved seeing all the studio dolls, they are amazing and I'm sure you were definitely tempted by the pretty girl in the tartan dress. Luckily for my paypal account, I'm not into soft bodied dolls, but I really love to look at these...I particularly like the girl in what looks like a sort of blue and white tie dye dress. But I spotted someone in the presentation that I loved too, she is labelled an Existentialist Girl CIII...now she can come here anytime she likes!!!


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