Friday, 19 July 2013

Sasha Festival 2013 - Part One 'Meet & Greet'

An idea, a dream, hard work and the generosity of a dear friend offering their home to stay both before and after the festival made attending the 31st  Sasha Festival 2013 in Cincinnati a reality and of course a dream come true.  This is the first time I have visited the USA and I had a most wonderful time.  The Festival was absolutely wonderful and it was so lovely to meet people I had corresponded with, and also to re-acquaint myself with friends I made last year.  I arrived in the USA on 9th July and had an afternoon and a day to explore the Washington area with Norvell before we set off to the Sasha Festival early on Thursday morning.   

After a very long drive from Washington DC to Cincinnati, Norvell and I arrived at the hotel in time for the Meet and Greet on the Thursday evening.  The theme for the Meet and Greet was "A Sasha Sleepover" and many of the Sasha girls and Gregor boys dressed appropriately in their pyjamas.  Much chatting, snacking, and drinking was done and of course getting to know each other, meet new friends, say hello to friends made last year and generally have a lovely evening in the Atrium of the Hotel.

Sheila is busy chatting to Gabrielle Bolland while her mother Lauri is attentively um...drinking?  Although it must be noted that Lauri had the NON- Alcoholic drink... ;-)

Ginger sits at the table with her lovely Finn, Henry and Norvell's beautiful glamour girl.

Dorisanne unwraps some gifts I gave her.

Great group photo (left to right Gracie, Sheila, Gabrielle, Lauri and Lynn).

Just love this photo of a gorgeous Mum and her two gorgeous daughters - how wonderful that they share the same hobby!

Lovely lad!

Lots of chit chat going on here...

Tom and his wife Carol

These 'kids' are definitely enjoying their Sasha Sleepover!

Fran in action!

Henry and Finn in conversation

As the evening drew to a close Dawn and I set off to assemble the UK and Europe Sasha Festival Raffle Donation.  The sheer scale of how many wonderful items had been donated was made obvious as we set to work setting it all up for display.

What an amazing raffle prize!

More raffle items to be shown in future post.


  1. Wow! So glad you had a great time. The photos are great (though some won't come up on my Blogger page)and the raffle prizes....!
    Hope all waas well when you got home and the men-folk didn't wreck the place!
    Jennni xx

    1. Hi Jenni, so glad you enjoyed the photos. Sorry to hear some won't come up on your page - I wonder if it is a glitch?

      Only one man-folk at home while I was away ;-) and he was busy dealing with poorly dogs!

  2. Welcome back to hot sunny England (isn't it nice to be able to say that!). I'm so glad you had a wonderful time - it was obviously worth all the work and the dreaming. So lovely to see a photo of Ginger and Finn, and Fran and Boo, and Dorisanne and so many others. The raffle of Charlotte is truly amazing, both of us enjoyed contributing to it and I bet you had fun setting it all up.

    1. Thank goodness it is a bit cooler than it was in the USA though - just couldn't be outside at all in that heat, and it is even cooler today (Saturday).

      The Charlotte raffle was indeed truly amazing.

  3. Those raffle prizes are amazing. I spotted you in a picture on another lady's blog about the meet-up, and you looked like you were having fun. Very nice to see after the hellish early part of the year for you.

    I was amazed at all the little table prizes they give out at this thing. Now if only those little blonde girls were $50 I could buy one. Oh well, so great to see the collections and clothes. Not too many men on the scene, which surprises me given the number of men who like to collect and dress fashion dolls. Am I correct in assuming they attended because their spouses did? No male Sasha collectors at the function?

    1. It really was wonderful and I did indeed have a lot of fun - and it was good to be well enough to enjoy it.

      Some men were collectors and some were attending with their spouses.

      You never know you may find that special girl one day for $50! Just keep looking.

  4. My word what a fantastic prize package the UK sent!
    Great pictures, it's so nice to see everyone and to be able to put faces to the names.
    I'm sure you had a super time.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos Rosie. I think we all had a super time!

  5. Outstanding photography. A million thanks Lorriane for taking these superb photos and to both you and Dawn for taking it all over with you in your luggage and for setting it all up so wonderfully.

    Great to see every little item and detail of the UK and Europeon raffle donation so kindly given by some of non-American UK 2012 Festival attendees.

  6. Glad you enjoyed them Kendal :-) It was such a generous donation full of goodies from lovely talented people.

    It was truly a delight to see Gayle's face when Henry pulled out her number!

  7. Looks like you had a fantastic time at the festival, Henry and Lorraine, and that you both made lots of new friends, whilst catching up with old ones! Henry, you looked smashing in your pyjamas, and so did Finn, I bet you two had a lot to talk about, eh?
    I love the wonderful raffle for Charlotte, what a fabulous prize! Charlotte really does look like a little British school girl in her uniform...Perfect!


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