Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Henry and Pinny visit Butterfly World

Pinny and Henry had  a lovely afternoon at Butterfly World - to see more pictures go to Henry's blog here.


  1. These photos are so very special!!!! I love the different gardens and how did did Henry manage to get behind the fencing covering the red car door? It looked enclosed!!! The giant spider web is just awesome and Henry and Pinny are having the best time :). I especially love the many butterfly photos with their brilliant colors. Catching the butterflys on Pinny two times is remarkabl!! We consider that a sign of good luck or a sign from a loved one. So Pinny is definitely lucky to be with you and she is very loved. The hand holding is the cutest. <3

    1. Henry wasn't behind the fencing - must be an optical illusion :-) Mind you after seeing them hold hands, I think they are capable of anything!


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