Monday, 22 July 2013

Sasha Festival 2013 - Part Four: Sales Tables & Dress A Sasha Competition

Saturday morning we set up our sales tables ready for opening at 10am.

This was my table with Weaver and Ginger's Kendal wearing a couple of outfits I had made.  The two dolls on the far right were Ginger's boys she was selling.

Norvell is sitting on the left of the photo.

Dawn says hello to Norvell and has a look at what goodies she has for sale.

A lovely table full of all sorts of treasures.

Marty Murphy setting up her table with some lovely repurposed fabrics made into beautiful dresses and of course her fabulous birkenstock sandals.

Anne Votaw and her table of wonderful things - a lot of Trendon history.  How I would have loved to have been able to buy her two toddler dolls.  

Another wonderful table with lots of gorgeous dolls available plus the most wonderful stove - another item that I drooled over!

Jackie Kraemer's table of beautiful Sashas and Gregors.

It seems I missed quite a few tables as well - it was very busy that morning and I was having trouble with my arm so avoided taking too many photos.  It was a very successful morning though and I was able to recover some of my expenses and had some money to spend as well :-)  What I bought will be shown in the final post.

After lunch we had the Dress A Sasha Competition.

There were some amazing entries and it was fun.  I know I really enjoyed the process of deciding what I was going to make, finding the materials and assembling mine.

Made by Adult Category:

Made by Adult Category - Nancy C, 3rd Place

Made by Adult Category - Sheila F

Made by Adult Category - Linda K.

Made by Adult Category - Dorisanne O

Made by Adult Category - Monica J, 2nd Place

Made by Adult Category - Janell H

This was the winner of the 'Adult Made by Entrant Category' winner and was based on the photo of Carol Sluys and her brother and sister.

This was my entry and was based on a photo of my sister and myself in dresses my Mum made us in 1974

Made by Adult Category - Ann C

Assembled by Adult Category:

Assembled by Adult Category - Jeanne D, 2nd Place

Assembled by Adult Category - Kim B, 1st Place

Assembled by Adult Category - Meg R, 3rd Place

Assembled by Adult Category - Cheryl C.

Assembled by Teen Category:

Assembled by Teen Category - 1st Place Laura O.

Made by Teen Category:

Made by Teen Category - 1st Place Abby R.

Made by Child Category:

Made by Child Category - 1st place Sadie S.

Assembled by Child Category:

Assembled by Child Category - 1st Place, Boo

Assembled by child Entry - Becky R, 2nd Place

So many talented people out there with such wonderful ideas, all the entries were well thought out and constructed and such fun and I think very special to all of us with the personal memories they invoked.  I know for me my entry has very special meaning to me and my family and hopefully will help close the miles that separate us a little.  I have to give a special thanks to my sister for finding the photos I wanted and scanning them and emailing them to me.  


  1. Absolutely love all of them! Well done you, the "Sisters" entry is my winner! xxx

  2. Super photos of two of my favourite parts of the Sasha festivals.

    I too would have been very tempted to buy one or two of the Trendon prototype toddlers. (Did you manage to notice how much they were going for and did they both sell?)

    Pleased to hear that you did OK with your sales.
    Thanks for sharing these with us.

  3. Excellent detailed account ... really nice job!
    Chris Foxon

  4. I love all the entries for the 'Dress a Sasha' competition, what a lot of lovely outfits and 'scenes'. The sales room looks great too, I would have been in my element! I look forward to seeing what you bought!


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