Sunday, 8 May 2016

To do it properly you've got to do it right!

Hi guys, what are you doing?  Peggy Sue asks

The boys tell her about their new outfits and how they are going to 'Save the World'

Well you have your hats on wrong!  She tells them.  Haven't you actually watched any Thunderbirds?

Of course we have. Henry tells her.

Well you've put your hat on the wrong way round Henry.  It should go this way.  She tells him as she tries to demonstrate.  Yours is wrong as well Rory.

Here this is how it goes.  She leans over and adjusts Rory's hat.

The boys watch on....

That is better.  Peggy Sue tells them.  You have to get it right you know.

The boys feel a little sheepish at having got it wrong AND being told so by a GIRL

The all start to adjust their hats.

Yes, that is better!  You look just the ticket now.  She tells them.

Thomas looks at her...she is rather a strange girl at times, he thinks to himself.

Line up and then you will look much more 'professional'.  Peggy Sue suggests.

How do you know all this stuff?  Thomas asks.

I just do.  Peggy Sue replies.  

The boys think perhaps they will just do as Peggy Sue says as then she will leave them alone to play.

Shall we stand here?  Thomas and Gwilym ask as they stand in place.

Yes, that looks good.  Peggy Sue says.  Rory and Francis, you stand slightly in front but closer together and then Henry you stand in the middle.

It takes a few moments, but eventually the boys get into position.

Peggy Sue stands in front of them.  Henry, lift your head up a little you look sad otherwise.

That's better!  She claps her hands.  You look great now!

The boys all inwardly breath a sigh of relief....perhaps Peggy Sue will go off and do something else now and leave them to play.  They turn towards her....

Heads facing forward for a photo.  She tells them.

They pose for a photo.

They have to admit, even if only to themselves, they feel much more like 'professionals' now :-)

Thunderbirds are Go!


  1. what a fab story love it xxx

  2. What a smart line up here and all ready to GO......!

  3. Is Peggy Sue aspiring to be Lady Penelope by any chance? All she needs is a smart, large pink car and a chauffeur.
    I love this line up of superheroes!

    1. I would imagine she will be! I am sure she would LOVE a car and a chauffeur!


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