Friday, 13 May 2016

Sewing and Knitting Round Up on Friday

I have been mainly knitting this week, but I did do some sewing...

I made the white shirts to go with the three Gregor and Sasha sets I have made.

All three sets modelled by Thomas and Susan.

I have sewn what seems like hundreds of snaps on the dresses I finished last week.

Butterflies and flowers modelled by Molly

Up and Away, modelled by Maddison

Lilac dress modelled by Stevie

Blue dress modelled by Susan

Pink dress modelled by Sasha

Musical Sonata modelled by Susan

Blueberry desert modelled by Sasha

Oriental blooms modelled by Stevie

All of the above clothing will be available on my sales table at the Sasha Celebration Weekend, on my Sales page and/or my Etsy Shop after the event.

This outfit was made for Maddison

The skirt has a pocket...she has her thumb in her pocket...I think she thinks she looks 'cool'  I think she just looks a little awkward, but I didn't tell her that!

Now for the knitting.  

I have been having fun knitting some baby clothes (at long last!)

Amelia seems quite taken with this little romper.

Baby Grace looks so sweet in this lovely set consisting of matching panties, dress and hat.

Baby Barney Bam Bam is very pleased with his blue romper.

Now for the non Sasha knitting.

I made this dress for Clara, but I think it is a little long on her as I prefer something a little shorter...

So I tried it on Ruby instead and it fits her quite well, so she will probably keep it and I will make a shorter one for Clara.

I also made Clara a pleated skirt and top.

I also finally finished my cloth doll that was two years in the making!  I don't think I will make any more cloth dolls but I do quite like her.


  1. Oh you've been so productive - they all look great.

  2. At first I thought I couldn't decide which of the dresses is my favourite since they're all so lovely, but when I saw them I knew it's the blueberrys!
    I strongly dislike sewing on snaps (and I'm not very good at it), so I try to use buttons wherever possible, always hoping my sewing machine won't mess up the buttonholes...

    My 20 year old daughter would probably say that Maddison DOES look cool with her thumb in the pocket. What a smart set!


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