Saturday 21 May 2016

Matching Sasha & Gregor Outfits.

This week the theme on the Sasha Morganthaler Facebook page is 'Matching Sasha and Gregor' Outfits.

I thought I would look back and see what the boys and girls have here.  It seems we have a few, mostly made by myself.

Annie Matilda and Christopher William always like to wear matching outfits.

This is what they like to wear in the cooler weather - I made these clothes for them when they first arrived.

They are a sweet couple

The really like the 2014 Sasha Festival Souvenir outfits.

In their matching Christmas outfits.

Next up is the outfit I made for the Sasha Festival Auction last year.

Modelled by the delectable Sophia and Peter

This outfit 'Check Mate' was also made last year (SOLD)

Modelled by Sophia and Henry

Next are the little matching outfits shown last Friday 

Pukeko Fun - these colourful NZ birds are seen pretty much everywhere you go, along the sides of roads, motorways, near beaches etc. in New Zealand.

Modelled by Thomas and Susan

Up and Away - anyone for a balloon ride?  Really?  Thomas looks surprised!

Another fun NZ print - 'Koru' a Maori design.

I wonder if I have any more?  


  1. Another great idea for the Sasha Facebook folks and you have a good selection here.
    I haven't gone down this route with my dolls as yet but do often try to colour co-ordinate my Sasha/Gregor brothers and sisters especially if they're on display standing next to each other.

    1. Like you my outfits are genuinely more co-ordinating than matching...I do have some matching outfits for the 'twins' James and Connor and some matching 'big sister/little sister' outfits.

      It is fun to revisit exactly what outfits you have.

  2. I don't have any matching sets yet, one of the problems is I often sew from very small scraps of fabric only sufficient for 1 garment. But this looks great, and I'll give it a try.


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