Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Gift and Christmas Makes

I was very lucky this Christmas as I received a lovely gift from Kendal which I put under the tree ready for Christmas day.

Cute card a little box with a ribbon around it.

Oh wow, a wonderful pair of Jean Jensen's shoes for Sasha.

I knew just the dress they were going to go with.

Sasha's Christmas dress goes perfectly with the shoes.

Aren't they wonderful?  Thank you very much Kendal for your kindness.

I made a Christmas jumper for James my 68/69 Red head Gregor Shorts

Which I think he looks very smart in.

Although the colours don't match completely with his Christmas trousers, I think being Christmas we can get away with it.

Today I finished a dress I had started before Christmas made with some velvet and silk scraps I had been given.

Of course the problem with black velvet is it shows up every little speck of dust!

I hope everyone had a really lovely Christmas Day.

I will be doing a blog post very soon of the various Secret Santa gifts that people received, so if you haven't yet sent me photos, please do, and also I haven't heard from a few people whether they have received their gifts...I do hope they have.

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  1. I will send you the photos later today of Florence and Nicholas James proudly wearing their Christmas outfits. We've been away from home since Boxing day, but now we're back I can blog about the dolls in earnest again.


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