Monday 19 December 2011

Christmas Countdown

The Sasha's are really getting into the spirit of Christmas and spend a lot of time round the tree, tweaking it here and there, adding a few more decorations.

Santa and his sleigh came round last night, but unfortunately they were all tucked up in bed so didn't see him.

I took a photo for them instead.


  1. Fab picture of the kids....I do like your Harlequin...what's she called? I know she is called Harlequin..but do you have a name for her :)

  2. Poor girl hasn't got a name yet. Any suggestions?

  3. lovely photos lorraine and the sleigh that visited your house and the one that visited kendals both look alot more upmarket than the one that came up our street !....sarah x

  4. Have thought of a name.....


    What do you think does it suit her :)

  5. Lovely Pictures Lorraine.

    And Colleen may be better than Colin!


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