Saturday, 5 January 2013

Cowboys and frog ponds

Henry finally managed to get out for a ride on Stratford today.

Naturally he decided to ride in his cowboy outfit.

Henry and Stratford enjoyed being out together in the mild weather we are having...although not sunny, it is reasonably warm for this time of year.

Ye Ha Cowboy!

Meanwhile Rory has been working on his frog pond.

Some greenery has been added...

As well as another couple of his frogs.

They look quite happy in there Rory.

I can see Rory really enjoying his frogs and the study of their habitat.


  1. Doesn't 'Dear' Henry look the part? I can well remember when my three brothers had cowboy suits as presents and they insisted on wearing them, like Henry is, for days on end. At least though it must be much quieter down there as Henry doesn't look like he has one of those noisy cap shooting guns like my brothers had. I can almost still smell the gunpowder (stinking the house out) that those used too. Was always delighted when those rolls of caps finally ran out.
    Rory's frog terranuim is coming along really well. I'm most impressed with the trees and tall grasses, not to mention the pink water-lilies. Bet he's (and the frogs of course!) pleased with it.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Now Henry does have a gun, but I'm pretty sure it isn't one of those noisy cap guns as I haven't heard any bangs yet ;-)

      Apparently Rory wants a book on frogs next! He may have to wait for that.

  2. Yay, I have been looking forward to this post - All he needs is a lassoo! And Rory is turning into a real natural history expert.

  3. Oh WOW look at Henry! What a cool dude he looks on that horse in his lovely cowboy suit!
    And Rory's frog pond is looking really good. He is looking after his frogs very well! Good boy!

    Kendal, I used to LOVE the smell of those caps! I used to buy them and we'd scrape them with a coin until they banged....and then sniff the paper!! Gosh, what a weird little girl I must have been!

    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Yes Henry does indeed think he is a cool dude in his cowboy outfit.

  4. Henry looks so sweet riding around on Stratford and Rory's pond is coming along nicely, I'm sure the other boy's and girl's can't wait for it to be finished so they can all enjoy it.


  5. Henry looks dashing riding his horse with his cowboy outfit. And Rory looks quite pleased with his frog pond. :o)

  6. Henry is the most handsome cowpoke I have seen in quite a while! I love his chaps and of course, Stratford. Rory's pond is wonderful...I love how you...and Rory...created it!


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