Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Advent Day Two

Gwilym is excited about his first Christmas with us and also opening Day Two of the Calendar as he said he has never done anything like this before.

He looks for the number two

Wow, it is a big door!

He leans down to open the doors - yes there are two!

Carefully does it.

Looks like it requires two hands for the job.

He pulls out the first gift.

What's this?  He asks Henry. It looks a bit like a ladder.

It does, doesn't it?  Henry agrees.

But what would you want a ladder for?  Gwilym asks.  Do you think Father Christmas is going to climb down the chimbley with a ladder?

Emily giggles....It isn't a chimbley  it is a chimNEY .  She tells him.

I think it might be a book case  Stevie suggests.

Oh yes, that makes sense.  They all agree.

There is also this.  Gwilym holds up a little bag.

Oh, lots of little goodies in there!  Henry says as he looks.

They must go on the book shelf!  Gwilym says.

Gwilym places the book case in position and carefully puts the little toys on it.

The others watch on.

There we go, the books can go on the top shelf for now.

Marcia watches...

He isn't sure what the little white thing is behind the ball but puts it on the bottom shelf with the little person and the ball.

Did you know Mum said we weren't doing presents this year?  Rory tells Stevie.

What do you mean?  Stevie asks.

That's what I heard her say!  Rory says.

I don't believe it!  Stevie says, and walks over to see the little display room and chat to Emily and Marcia to hear if they have heard the rumours....

What did you say?  Henry asks.

It is true, Mum said we are not doing presents this year....Rory tells Henry and Gwilym.  I think she must have meant the Growed Ups though

I am sure that must have been what she meant.  Henry agrees.


  1. Lovely day two post for the Advent calendar! Gwilym handled the big door very well. He is a very handsome boy and he looks festive in his holiday vest! Nice to see Marcia too! :) xxx

    1. Gwilym was very excited as you can imagine, and yes he is quite the handsome boy indeed. Marcia is a love.

  2. I love the way the dolls pose like real children . And they are behaving really well and cooperative. I am sure they misunderstood the rumour about not doing presents...Fanny

    1. They are good children, very well behaved on a whole and excellent at sharing ;-) Let's hope they misunderstood!

  3. That was a lovely BIG haul from Day 2's door! Something that Gwilym will never forget in a hurry on his first ever Advent Calendar opening!.

    1. It certainly was, I think Gwilym was very surprised indeed.


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