Monday, 22 December 2014

Advent Day Twenty Two

Hi Amber

Hi Meredith.  Finally it is our turn to open the Advent Calendar!

Now where is that door?  Meredith asks. 

Found it!  Meredith says as she bends down to open the door.

She reaches her hand in....

Oh look, Amber, some little animals.

A little basket as well.  Amber says.

I wonder if this means there is going to be a pet dog or cat?  Amber asks.  It looks like a pet basket to me.

Let's see what is in the little bag.  Meredith suggests.

Nope, no pets, but I have found an elephant and there are other zoo animals!  Meredith tells Amber.

Look, a giraffe, a zebra, a camel, a lion and a hippo!

She lays them out on the carpet.

I like the little elephant especially.  Meredith says.

They put the animals in the basket for now and put it down into the little Christmas Scene.

What do you think Amber?  Are they okay here for now?  Meredith asks.

Yes I think so Meredith.  Amber replies.

I think we should see if some of others want to come and see what we found today.

With that the girls wander off in search of their friends.


  1. A very nice surprise for Amber and Meredith. Animals are a very special addition to the Advent scene. Christmas is almost here!!! :) xxx

    1. A lovely surprise indeed...I think they really enjoyed discovering them.

  2. Delightful little animals today. Someone who obviously loves animals will be thrilled with this present.

    1. These animals were so sweet, I know of at least one who is thrilled by their arrival!


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