Thursday 25 December 2014

Sasha Secret Santa Swap - Post One: What we received.

Henry wrote the letter to Secret Santa this year and this is what he wrote:

Dear Santa,

This is Henry here, I thought I would write the letter to you this year.   We are all happy for surprises here at Rose Cottage, but I do know that the babies and toddlers in our family lack clothes, especially the boys, in fact poor Claudius is STILL wearing his sailor suit!   which seems strange really….so perhaps this year it would be better if you concentrate on them.  But really we don’t mind what you surprise us with.

Probably not much help…well I can tell you which babies and toddlers live here of course.

Alfie and Oscar are the two baby boys.
Claudius and Ollie are the two toddler boys.
Amelia, Grace and Linda are the three baby girls.
Bonnie and Erica are the two toddler girls.

With lots of love,

Well a delightful package arrived from Santa and the kids were up bright and early to open it.

Well a delightful package arrived from Santa and the kids were up bright and early to open it.

Henry was delighted to have a package with his name on it.  I think his generosity at thinking of the others first, made Santa want to give him something as well.

He got a great pair of socks!  

Before we had a chance of taking a photo of Baby Amelia with her package, it seems she had opened it!

Oh that looks pretty Amelia.

With a little bit of help from her big sister, she had her new outfit on, and I must say she looks very pleased with it.   Thank you Santa!

Baby Grace is slower at opening hers....admiring the packaging first and listening to the paper crinkle

Oh look a wonderful knitted 'onesie'.   That should keep her warm this winter.

Ah, what a cutie.

Stevie was delighted to get a gift and couldn't wait to open it and put it on!

Wow, I don't think I have seen anyone change quite that quickly before Stevie!  

What a great dress and coat.  She loves it.

Thank you so very much Secret Santa (aka Ginger)  We just love our gifts.

There was a special gift for me as well....Ginger, I mean Santa knows me so well....BUTTONS!

More posts to come of what others received....


  1. We haven't opened ours yet - Happy Christmas

  2. What super Santa swaps you all received!
    Such a thoughtful lad 'Dear' Henry is.... as always! Bless him.
    PS. I'm re-writing this again as I'm not sure if it went through the first time!

    1. Didn't have another come through Kendal, so glad you tried again! Fabulous gifts indeed. We are very grateful.


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