Back to School Swap

School Fun

Start thinking now what you might like to make and collect together for a 'Back to School' Swap

Ideas include:

Satchel/School Bag
Uniform/School Dress or Trousers/Shorts & Shirt
Musical Instrument
Painting Easel

So many ideas!  

This is how it works.

Back to School Swap - help prepare a Sasha or Gregor for the coming new school year.
Items can be bought or handmade.

Sign up for the Swap by 19th July 2013 - sending me your name and address details and whether you would like the school theme to be centred around a boy or a girl.

Swap partners will be announced 21st July 2013

Post your swap by Friday 16th August 2013

If you have any questions, please contact me and ask and remember most importantly…HAVE FUN!

I will be updating participants as they sign up:

Kirsten H. - Sent & Received
Jenny D - Sent & Received
Betty - Sent & Received
Sheila F - Sent & Received
Carol S -Sent & Received
Rochelle -
Maureen H - Sent & Received
Lora - 
Anna P - Sent & Received
Pat B - 
Caryn - Sent & Received
Charla - Sent & Received
Emma F -
Diane - Sent & Received
Ginger - Sent &Received
Lorraine - Sent & Received

SWAP PARTNERS ALLOCATED - You should all receive an email from me by 23rd July 2013 with your swap partner's details.  If you don't receive the email please let me know.  Any other problems or queries please also let me know.  If you want to change partners for any reason ( may have swapped with them before and want to swap with someone different, please also let me know asap) Have fun everyone!

Kirsten & Carol S
Jenny & Maureen
Betty & Anna
Sheila & Caryn
Rochelle & Emma
Lora & Pat
Lorraine & Charla
Diane & Ginger

Posts showing Gifts Received.

Part One

Part Two.

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six


  1. Lorraine I`d love to participate I guess the girls always win in our house so I choose girl themed ,back to school <3 ya Sheila Foery

    1. Great Sheila, so pleased you are joining in :-)

  2. I'd like to give this a try. Do you have to make an entire wardrobe and accessories?


    1. Hi Penny, no you don't have to make an entire wardrobe. Some people will, some won't, some will buy the clothing to swap and others will sew or knit it themselves. The fun is in the giving and seeing what sort of school kit you can make up. Just think back to when children you know started a new school year and what they needed. ;-) Hope this helps.

  3. Yes please!!! love doing the swaps, and 'chatting' with swap partners! Thanks for organising this. I hope you are feeling better now!

  4. My swap was sent out yesterday Lorraine to Caryn .
    Hugs Sheila


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