Valentine Swap 2014

Valentine's Day is approaching and Sasha and Gregor are excited...will they get a Valentines Day surprise?   

This swap will be for a gift for Sasha or Gregor and a little extra something - a Valentine Card, a Valentine Sweet, whatever your imagination can come up with. (But only ONE extra please)

I am going to do this swap a little differently - to see how it works!  

This is a 'complete the swap and get a partner on the due date' swap.

Sign up by emailing me that you want to join in, get to work making a gift and then email me again to confirm your gift is ready by 30th January, please included your full name, address and email details.

If you forget to let me know, then you may not receive a partner.

I will update this page with the list of swap partners on 31st January as well as email you with your partners details.

Once you have received your gift, please email me a picture to include on the blog and post pictures in the Valentines Day Gift folder in the Yahoo Groups if you wish to.

Please also let me know if you have any allergies - some may not eat chocolate for example, which is a common little 'extra' for Valentines Day.

Please Note:  Send your item marked as a gift with a low value to those overseas please.


Jane K - Done
Lesley L S - Done
Sheila F - Done
Betty B - Done
Joan K - Done
Janet MD - Done
Jackie P - Done
Carol F - Done
Pat B - Done
Lorraine - Done
Ginger - Done
Cleo - Done
Barbara K - Done
Monica - Done
Joanne - Dome


  1. Hi Lorraine I`m done and ready for my partner when ever you sort them out :) Thanks again for organizing this always fun events Sheila

  2. Hi Lorraine, I sent and email this morning informing you that I am done with my Valentine Swap item. This is just a follow up.

    Thanks, Joan K

    1. Thank you Joan, I have you marked down as done.

  3. Sounds fun, wish I had seen this earlier I would have loved to have a go! Best wishes all!

  4. My Valentine Swap went out in the mail last Friday the 7th. I haven't heard from Monica, so don't know if she received it. Joan


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