Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Advent Day Twenty Four - Christmas Eve

There is much chatter around the Advent Calendar and Scene this morning.

It's Christmas Eve!  Can be heard from many excited voices.

They are all discussing what might be behind the calendar door today.

Monica is of course convinced it is Santa, so the girls suggest she gets to open the door

Monica feels very lucky to be doing this.

She reaches in....

That's can do it, the girls encourage her.

What has she found? They all lean in and look eagerly.

She starts to pull out the package.

That certainly looks like what she predicted...

Yes it is Santa! She cheers, as do the other girls.

Before they can blink Monica has Santa out of the package and put together.

She holds him up for them to see...

Look he has his quill pen and gift list.  She tells them.

Now where shall I put him?  She asks.

Ah, down here will be good, right next to the sleigh.

The girls resume their chatter.

They are so pleased that it really was Santa behind the door today.

Of course that still means the mystery of the orange objects remains unsolved!

Charlotte thinks they look a bit like the things Dad uses to clear the ice of the windscreen...or maybe to strip wallpaper....but she really isn't at all sure, so doesn't want to voice her thoughts.

Happy Christmas Eve!


  1. well, now we will never know... good thing Santa has the list so he doesn't forget who's naughty and who's nice! ;)

  2. So glad the jolly man, Santa has made the scene! The girls look beautiful and so much of that gorgeous blonde hair really catches the eye! Monica's lovely dark hair makes her really stand out too among the others. :) Well done Monica and Santa looks ready with his list of who was naughty and who was nice! Happy Christmas Eve! :) xxx

    1. Isn't he just great? The girls were of course very pleased to get Santa. They have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy playing with this scene for a few days yet,.

  3. What a terrific looking Santa to complete the scene.
    So the mystery of the two orange pieces remains unsolved! Perhaps you could enquire from Playmobile as to what they were and then let us know,
    In the meantime could we have a close up picture of them as I was wondering if they were some sort of stand for two of the pieces, like the bicycle.

    1. A wonderful jolly Santa indeed. As for those orange pieces who knows....The bicycle has its own stand and looking on the box, the orange things just sit on the table like I have done! So no clues for enquiring of Playmobile....too many other things to do! I think they will just have to remain a mystery...


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