Sunday, 7 December 2014

Advent Day Seven

Cora had a little photo shoot today wearing her new dress made by Kath in Australia. After she was finished she was delighted to be able to open a door on the Advent Calendar.

Today is the 7th and she found the door very quickly.

Excitedly she opens it up wondering what is inside.

What is it I wonder?

Ooh, look!  

A sleigh to put together.

Cora carefully puts it together and adds the stickers.

She attaches the reindeer.

Wonderful!  Santa's sleigh is ready and waiting.

Cora admires the Christmas scene.

Photos of the wonderful dress.

Bright colours always look so wonderful on Cora

These are no exception and extra fun with the Koalas.


  1. Cora looks beautiful in this gorgeous smocked dress in the unexpected orange color. Her shoes are perfect with her new outfit! Lucky girl to open lucky number 7 and the addition of a sleigh to the Advent scene. Great post! :) xxx

    1. Cora just loves this dress and it really brightens up the winter days...she dreams of having Christmas in a warmer climate!

  2. What fun fabric for Cora's Christmas dress and she was lucky to get such a big window to open in the Advent calendar.

    1. Isn't it indeed? Lovely fun window as well.

  3. I wouldn't have minded opening THAT door as 7 is my birthday number..... and what a superb gift today to add to the Christmas calender scene.

  4. That is a gorgeous dress and it goes so well on the doll. Your advent posts are so neat every year.

    I keep looking for a blond Sasha but they are too expensive for me. I love to see the outfits and sweaters you and others make for them.

    1. Isn't it just?! Cora loves it.

      Thank you for your lovely encouraging comments. I hope you find a special blonde Sasha one day...


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