Monday, 15 December 2014

Advent Day Fifteen

Hi Susan, have you come to upon the calendar today?  Charlotte asks.

Yes!  Susan replies.  I have been so looking forward to this day.

They look carefully at the calendar.

Found it!  Cries Susan.  

Wow, this is a big door.  She says as she opens it.

I wonder what is inside.  Charlotte ponders as Susan opens the door.

Susan reaches inside to pull out the little   big gift!

Ooh, look.  Susan says.

It is a little radio! How cute is that?!

Susan holds the little radio up for Charlotte to see.

We also have a table.  Susan says.

A table is good.  Says Charlotte.  The little elves will be able to use it to put things on as they work.

Charlotte puts the little table down.

She places the little radio on the table

There.  That should be useful for the little Elves.  

Well Charlotte.  What do you think?  Susan asks.  What shall we do now?

Shall we watch a movie?  Charlotte suggests.

That sounds like a good idea! Susan says.


  1. That's a super gift in today's opening then! Someone's going to be delighted on Christmas morning!

    1. A wonderful gift indeed....these calendars are such fun.

  2. How very nice to see Miss Susan!!! The radio and table are a happy addition to the Advent scene. I love the full and cheery dresses Lorraine. Seeing Susan and Charlotte in this pretty dresses makes for such a nice holiday post!! Thank you! :) xxx

    1. Miss Susan has a big smile on her face, knowing you were pleased to see her. The radio is such fun and has been tunefully playing all the Christmas songs while the children play.


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