Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tunic Dresses for Sale

I have a few knitted Tunic dresses for sale.

First up is 'Rainbows'  nice and bright for the dull winter days.  

Modelled by both BJ and Cora to show how it looks on different girls.

It does up at the back and has vintage Mother of Pearl buttons that shimmer when they catch the light.

£15.00 plus postage. (Models and their tights, shoes etc. are not included)


Next up is one knitted in a soft pink colour, modelled by Charlotte.

Dress & tights £16.50 plus postage. (Model and shoes not included)


Red Tweed modelled by BJ

£15.00 plus postage (My model her shoes and tights are not included) 


Red Diamonds Tunic dress modelled by Ziva.

£15.00 plus postage (My model, her tights and boots are not included)

If you are interested in purchasing any items please email me.
lorraine(@) (removing the brackets)


  1. Particularly likje the choice of tights to go with Charlotte's pale pink and Ziva's red dresses.
    The one in the red tweed is unusual.

    1. Thank you Kendal, yes those two pairs of tights are perfect for the dresses. The red tweed is quite different. It is a yarn I have had a very long time - not sure where I bought it from, but finally found a use for it!


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