Thursday, 18 December 2014

Advent Day Eighteen

Who is this standing in front of the Advent Calendar...NOT IN A CHRISTMAS DRESS!

I don't think the other kids will be very pleased as getting dressed up into their Christmas refinery is all part of the fun of Christmas....

It seems this young lady didn't want to get changed out of her 'trendy' gear as she put it as she searched for door number eighteen.

It doesn't take her long and she starts to open the door.

She looks intently as she reaches inside....

and pulls the package out.

She looks at it carefullly...

and sees that it is a little wheelbarrow and teddy bear.

Aren't they sweet?  She says as she shows them.

Now where shall I put them?  She thinks to herself.

Down there is just fine.  No hang on a minute....teddy can go on the shelf and wheelbarrow needs to go 'outside'.  She moves the little wheelbarrow as she talks to herself.

The little Christmas scene is looking busier and busier.

Tui Renate joined our Sasha & Gregor here at Rose Cottage earlier in the year and is pleased to make an appearance...even if not dressed in a Christmas dress!  It appears she is very strong willed.


  1. but she is wearing Christmas colours - green and red so could be doing a Christmas tree impression in this ensemble of clothes. Welcome to Tui Renate. Is she wigged or a reroot?

    1. She is wigged, and yes that was her reasoning....they were Christmas colours...or 'almost' anyway.

  2. still not hints on the orange pieces....this is getting curiouser and curiouser!

    1. I know! We have been thinking and thinking as to what they could be for!

  3. Well as they say....'There's always ONE!' I rather admire un-conformity oncertain occasions! Makes for individuality and I'm one, as some of you already know, who likes the 'different and unique'.... especially in my Sasha dolls!
    Sweet little wheelbarrow. I can remember my 'middle' brother, when he was six, wanting and getting one for Christmas!

    1. Yes there is always one! Surprisingly really that there aren't more in this at times unruly household!


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