Sunday, 14 December 2014

Advent Day Fourteen

Tilly Rose and Monica have chosen their Christmas dresses and are now ready to open a door of the Advent calendar.

Did you know it is only ten days until Christmas Eve?  Tilly Rose asks Monica.

Is it?  Yippee!  I can't wait!  Monica replies.

Together the girls look for door number fourteen.

There it is.  Says Monica as she points to the number fourteen.

Tilly Rose opens the door.

I wonder what is inside?  She says as she carefully pulls the door.

Oh look some little boxes for us to make.  Tilly Rose says as she shows Monica.

The girls make up the little boxes.

On the floor are some little toys to go into the boxes.

Once they have put the toys in the boxes, Monica puts her little box on the sleigh

Tilly Rose follows suit and puts hers down as well.

There is still room for Santa!  Monica tells Tilly Rose/

That's good.  I was worried for a minute there.  Tilly Rose says.  I wonder what door he will be behind?

The little scene is getting fuller as it gets closer to Christmas.

Thinking further on the Santa question....

I think he will be behind the last door.  Monica says.

Why?  Tilly Rose asks.

Well, because that makes sense, doesn't it?  Monica replies.  If he is behind the last door, it will be Christmas Eve and that is when he delivers the presents!


  1. Monica is very logical - I wonder if she is right about Santa.

    1. She is very logical....I am wondering if she is right as well....I guess we will see very soon.


  2. Might be a very good idea if all presents came with their own already wrapped boxes. Definitely be time saving at such a busy period!

    1. I definitely agree with this! I really don't like wrapping presents and always admire the wrapping that you do Kendal!

  3. A lovely post Lorraine! I think Monica is right about Santa but it will be fun to wait and see!!! :) xxx


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