Friday, 12 December 2014

Advent Day Twelve

Sally & Weaver are waiting for Alice to join them.

Hi there!  She says to them. 

It is our turn to open the calendar today.  Sally says.  Do you want to open the door?

Oh yes please.  Alice replies and the girls look for door number 12.

It doesn't take them long, and Alice reaches down to open it.

Here we go.  She says..

Look, it is a little box.  I think it is a memory game!  Alice tells Sally & Weaver.

Sure enough it is a game.  They will have fun playing with that on Christmas Day.

Let's put it down here, ready for Christmas Day.  Alice says as she places the box down into the little Christmas Scene.

That should keep them busy!

I wonder how good our memories will be when we play the game.  Weaver says to Alice and Sally.

I think mine is pretty good.  Alice replies.

How do you play it? Sally asks.

I am sure the instructions will be in the box.  Alice says.
 What do you think Weaver?  


  1. That should be a good quiet game to play after their big Christmas dinner to allow the food to settle and be digested properly.

    1. Precisely what I thought...always good to play a game or two after a big Christmas allows some quiet time as well.... of course that is the hope...some games can get quite rowdy!

  2. Sally, Weaver and Alice look lovely in their beautiful dresses! I am sure they will have a fine time playing their new game!


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