Saturday, 6 December 2014

Advent Day Six

Hey BJ, no one else seems to be around, do you want to open the door for number six today?  Ziva asks.

Oh yes, that will be good....  Look it is a big door as well!  BJ says.

BJ reaches down to open the door....

A Reindeer!  She says.

Well it isn't Rudolph as it doesn't have a red nose...

Let me put him down there on the outside of the little house scene.

He has his harness on all ready to pull a sledge.

Doesn't he look regal?  Ziva remarks.

The proud reindeer stand ready for action.

I wonder where all the other girls are?  BJ asks Ziva.

I don't know, but at least it gave us a chance to open the door today.  Ziva replies.   I think it is probably too cold for them and they are still all tucked up in bed!  There was ice on the ground this morning.


  1. That was a great opening item for BJ today. It's all beginning to take on some form and shape now.
    PS .....and I did notice the dropped on the floor sleigh harness on the first photo!

    1. It was a great surprise for BJ, I don't think they were expecting the reindeer. Yes she was so excited about the reindeer that she dropped the harness...but managed to get it on. :-)


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