Sunday, 21 December 2014

Advent Day Twenty One

Hey Ziva, shall we open the Calendar today? BJ whispers.

Yeah, why not?  Ziva replies.  You do it as you have been modelling all those knitted Tunics for Mum.

BJ reaches forward to open the door for the twenty-first day.

Carefully does it...

In her hand goes...

Look!  She says as she pulls out the little gift bag.

A gift box and a guitar.

Another instrument for the band.

I wonder who is going to play this? 

She makes up the little box and puts the guitar in it.

It will be a surprise on Christmas morning.  She tells Ziva.

Where are you going to put the gift box?  Ziva asks.

I think I will put it under the tree.  BJ says as she puts the box down.

The little box is under the three and those two strange orange objects are still sitting on the table....

That was fun, wasn't it?  


  1. there are only a few more doors left...surely something will there there for the orange things. One must be Santa, so not many choices left!

    1. One would think wouldn't they? Still no clues....will have to see what they open today.

  2. The scene is filling up now and we're still all on the edge of our seats wondering about those orange objects...

  3. Ziva and BJ are so pretty! Lovely to have music at Christmas time! :)

    1. They are aren't they? They have been brilliant models as well. We have had a lot of music going on here!

  4. That calendar is certainly keeping us all in suspence with regards to those two orange pieces. Still haven't a clue!
    Love the little gift boxes by the tree. So bright and colourful AND very tempting to open!

    1. Very suspenseful.... Wonderful fun gift boxes, it is all filling up beautifully,,


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