Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Advent Day Three

Your turn today.  Emily tells Stevie.

They all gather round to see if they can see the door to open today.

Gwilym is the first to spot it.  There it is!

That was quick.  Stevie tells him.

Oh actually I saw it yesterday.  He admits.

Well open it then.  They all tell her.

Okay, give me a chance....  Stevie says..

I like to do it nice and slow... adds to the element of surprise.

Oh, look what we have here.  She gasps.

Lots of goodies again!

I can see a trumpet.  Marcia says.

Oh yes so there is.  Emily agrees.

There are four little toys in this packet!  Stevie notes.

Open it then Stevie.  Henry says.

Stevie opens the packet

and shows them the little trumpet and doll.

Aren't they cute?  She says..

Pity it isn't a big trumpet.  Gwilym thinks to himself.

Seems Rory thinks the same as he says.  Wish it was a big trumpet!  One I could learn to play.

Never mind Rory, Stevie tells him...  Perhaps it is for the little pixies or fairies to play.

Now where shall I put them.  Stevie asks.

I think I will put the little doll next to the other and the recorder on the shelf.

Stevie puts them down.

Rory re-adjusts their position.

That's better.  They all agree.

They all agree that this Advent Calendar looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

Emily and Marcia decide they want to stay and play awhile.

Rory and Henry hang around for a while with Marcia and Emily, whilst Stevie and Gwilym head off to see what the others are up to.


  1. It looks like that Gwilym might be a little sweet on Stevie, he is close to her all the time! Lovely story line.

    1. Yes I think Gwilym is developing a bit of a crush...he can often be caught staring in Stevie's directioin.

  2. Yes, the Advent calendar is a lot of fun! Well done Stevie! :) xxx

  3. I do hope that all those shelves are going to filled with some fantastic toys in the end. That would be a treat to see.

    1. I hope so as well Kendal, and then that will keep them busy over the Christmas holiday period.


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