Thursday, 4 December 2014

Advent Day Four

Emily was excited it was her turn to open the little door for today.

She searches for it...

Here it is down here. She says.

Now to open it.

She reaches down and opens the little door.

Reaches inside.....

Look!  A little Elf to help Santa.  She says.

Gwilym leans down to have a closer look.

What a fun little fellow....I bet he is one of Santa's elves.  Emily says.

Emily takes him over to the little Christmas scene and sets him down.

The toys are just the right size for him.  She observes.

Gwilym sits down as well and the two play together for a while.


  1. Emily looks lovely in her pretty dress. I think Emily is correct, he looks like a very nice elf that is sure to help Santa! :) xxx

    1. Thank you, she was pleased to get this dress to wear this year...pays to be in their early ready to change. (Poor Emily seems to have developed VERY loose stringing all of a sudden and is waiting for Aunty Brenda to come back from her holiday....she has quite a wait!)

  2. A great looking little Santa helper for today's opening. I'm betting that Dear Santa is going to need all the help that he can get this year with the children's present lists getting longer and longer these days!

    1. Such a cute little elf to help Santa indeed....I think he is hoping for some other elves as well as he knows how much work is involved leading up to Christmas day!


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