Thursday, 11 December 2014

Advent Day Eleven

Do you think I can have a turn at opening a door on the calendar today Stevie?  Peggy Sue asks.

Of course, I don't see why not.  Stevie replies.

It is the eleventh today isn't it?  Peggy Sue asks.

Yes it is!  Stevie says.  Not long now until Christmas.

Now where is door number eleven...the girls say to themselves as they look for it.

There it is Peggy Sue.  Stevie points to it.

So it is!  Peggy Sue says and she reaches over to open the door.

Peggy Sue opens the door carefully while Stevie watches on.

She reaches inside....

...pulls out the little bag....stares at it....takes it out, puts it together....

...and starts giggling....

Look she says as she laughs, it is a little bike....

The boys would have liked to have opened this door, I bet!  She states as her and Stevie have a little laugh at the tiny bike and the thought of the boys missing out on the bike discovery.

Peggy Sue kneels down and puts the bike onto the floor of the little display room while Stevie watches on.

There we go,  She says...already for Christmas Day.

I think the little Elf might ride this during the night when we are asleep.  Peggy Sue says

I think he might as well!  Stevie agrees.

Shall we go and tell the others Peggy Sue.  Stevie asks.  Or shall we leave it as a surprise for them to find?

Let's leave it as a surprise.  Peggy Sue suggests.

Let's go and find Little Owen and see what he is up to.  Peggy Sue says to Stevie.

Wish I had a little bear like Little Owen.  Stevie sighs...Henry has got Trojan Bear, you have Little Owen and I don't have a teddy bear friend at all!

Perhaps you could ask Father Christmas for one.  Peggy Sue suggests... Come on let's ask Little Owen how to get a bear friend....

Off they wander hand in hand.

To find out more about Little Owen - you need to put his name in the search on the blog Peggy Sue normally features in.


  1. I'm glad Peggy Sue got a chance to open an Advent window. I wonder if Stevie asked for a little bear on the Secret Santa Swap as her Christmas wish, if so I hope her wish comes true.

    1. I think Stevie forgot to ask for a teddy bear on the Secret Santa swap as Henry wrote and asked for some baby things instead....but we will see!

  2. What a dear little Mountain bike! Someone's going to be very lucky this Christmas!

  3. So nice to see Peggy Sue at the Advent calendar. Her lovely red dress is very festive and she and Stevie are lucky girls to find such a nice bike


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