Friday, 5 December 2014

Advent Day Five

Hi there Molly, shall we open the window today?  No one else seems to be around.  Sasha asks Molly.

Oh yes, why not, that sounds like a good idea.  Molly agrees.

So where is number five....the girls wonder.

There it is!  Sasha says and starts to open the little door.

Sasha carefully opens the door.

Oh look what we have here.  She says.

It looks like it might be a little pram.  Sasha holds up the bag to show Molly.

Let's see if we can put it together.  Molly holds the little baby while Sasha puts the pram together.

I think it goes on like this. Sasha says.

Let's put it in the little room.  Molly suggests.

Sasha puts the pram down and Molly puts the little baby in it.

Isn't it cute?  They both say.

I wonder who will get to push that?  Molly wonders.  I suppose the elf could push it, but he is probably going to be busy helping Santa.

This is fun isn't it?  Molly says to Sasha.

It sure is!  Sasha agrees.

Shall we go and get the other girls to show them what we found today?  Molly asks Sasha.

Oh yes, that sounds like a good idea!  Sasha agrees and the girls go and look for their sisters.


  1. Somehow, this post just appeared in my blog reader. I was thinking that Victoria's Christmas dress (the scale of the fabric is so nice) was my favorite, but now I think it is either of these. Reading your Advent posts is just like having an Advent calendar of my own to open:)

    1. Strange goings on! The girls have some lovely small print Christmas dresses. They were such fun to make last year. Glad you are enjoying the posts.


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