Friday, 19 December 2014

Advent Day Nineteen.

Pierre and Francis have opted to open the little door for day nineteen on the Advent Calendar.

Both chose a Christmas waistcoat to wear....Pierre choosing red of course!

They decide it is going to be a joint effort.

Come on Francis, I'll open the door and you can get the gift out.  Pierre suggests.

That's it, I wonder what is inside.  Pierre says.

Francis reaches inside to see what might be behind the little door.

He pulls out a little package.

Look Pierre, lots of little gifts.  Francis shows him the bag with the little gifts inside.

Wow, just look at them!  Pierre says.  Whoops! Ouch!

They both bang heads as the go to lean down at the same time.

Here, I'll hold the little gift bucket and you can put the toys in it.  Francis suggests.

There, all full now.  Francis says after Pierre has filled up the bucket with the toys.

There is another little back pack thingy.  Pierre says.  I wonder what it is for.

Francis looks down at the little green back pack in his hand and just shrugs his shoulders....

He puts the bucket with the toys down and puts the little back pack on the shelf.

There.  He says. Looks like the Elves have been busy now helping to make all the toys.

What do you mean?  Pierre says.  The elves didn't make these, we just got them out of a little plastic bag behind door number nineteen.

Well yes... stutters Francis....trying to think of how to reply to such a frank statement... but it is all about fantasy and fun isn't it?

But the elves didn't make the toys.  Pierre states.

But we don't REALLY know that do we?  Francis suggests.

Yes we do.  Pierre replies...after all.....

Pierre launches into some long winded speech....Francis zones out and admires the little scene.

Pierre continues....

...and anyway, why do you let your hair grow so long like that, it must be very irritating when it goes in your eyes all the time....

Francis looks at Pierre stunned....really the boy does come out with the oddest of statements.  He sighs....and tries to explain what 'trendy' means...and how lots of boys like to grow their hair long...

Do they?  Pierre asks looking shocked.  Whatever for?

Never mind.  Francis tells him.


  1. Hi boys, This is a priceless conversation that I enjoyed very much. Not in the least because my beloved Francis is part of it, he is (of course) dressed to kill in his checked waistcoat, and must be very tired from having to explain all the time. Wishing you all a wonderful christmas and a jilly new year! Fanny

    1. Thank you dear Fanny for your lovely comment. I think Francis was admirably patient with Pierre! Still it is always a good trait to learn patience...and we certainly need it in this family at times.

      Glad you enjoyed the post and very best wishes to you as well!

  2. sorry that should read :jolly

  3. some people are very literal, some know how to dream and have to be patient with the literal ones! Well done Francis for being patient.
    Still no solution to the mystery orange item.

    1. Oh indeed they are, we have all learned to be patient in this house ;-)

  4. Looking like 'the asked for' toys are now coming in 'thick and fast!'
    Pleased to see that although they started off the post by sharing so nicely they still remained friends even after all those questions, especially about Francis' longer length hair style!

    1. Lots of gifts of delightful toys. They are good boys indeed and generally get along without too many squabbles.


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