Saturday, 13 December 2014

Advent Day Thirteen

Hi Danni, how are you?  I was wondering where you were.  Charlotte says to Danni.

Oh I was just trying to decide what Christmas dress to wear.  Danni tells Charlotte.

My turn today!  Danni says as the girls look for door number thirteen.

Doesn't take eagle eyed Danni long.

She carefully opens it.

Reaches in...

Pulls out a package!

What have you got there?  Charlotte asks..

An Angel!  Danni replies.

Every good Christmas Scene needs an angel doesn't it Charlotte?  Danni says.

It does!  I am so pleased we found the angel.  Charlotte says.  

Isn't the angel sweet?  Says Danni as she holds the angel up for all to see.

Now where shall I put her?  Danni ponders.  I know!

The angel is going to push the little pram.  There you go sweet angel.  Danni says as she pops the angel down into the scene.


So what do you think Charlotte?  Do you think the angel looks good with the little pram?  Danni asks.

I do.  Replies Charlotte.  The two girls are very happy.


  1. So very nice to see Charlotte and Danni at the Advent calendar! Love the sweet little angel and pram. A wise choice by Danni. :) xxx

  2. We could all do with an Angel (especially a Guardian angel) at this time of the year.!


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