Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Advent Day Sixteen

 Christopher William and Annie Matilda are both excited to be opening the Advent door today.

They look carefully for the number sixteen..

Christopher William spots it and starts to open it with Annie Matilda watching on closely.

He is slowly opens it.

What are these?  He asks.

No idea?  Annie Matilda replies.

They certainly look very puzzled even when they have taken the items out of the little plastic bag they are still stumped!

Well any guesses?  Christopher William asks.

Nope, I really haven't got a clue.  Annie Matilda replies.

Well I guess we will just put them down some where.

The put the two yellow 'things' down on the table.

The red 'thing' which they have decided might be a school satchel they have put on the book case.

Well they were weird things to get weren't they Annie?  Christopher William says.

They sure were Christopher.  Annie Matilda replies.

The little Christmas scene is getting busier.

Annie Matilda and Christopher William pose for a Christmas photo.

(Christopher William & Annie Matilda were first introduced here  as Richard and Karen, but have since be renamed in memory of my Great Grandparents)


  1. I'm still at a loss too to think just what these pieces could be!

  2. I did wonder who they were as I didn't remember these names before, I was just as puzzled as they were by the odd shaped item in number 16, I expect something else fits it.

    1. Sorry, the names just didn''t quite fit that I originally chose....

      As for those shapes, no idea...they look a bit like plasterer's tools!

  3. Well, I am at a loss too about those strange items but am guessing the next door or two may have something that connects with them?? Who knows? But I love a mystery!!! :) xxx

    1. Well we are all getting a mystery all right!


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