Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Advent Day Nine

Victoria, it is your turn to open the door today.

Where is number nine I wonder?

Here it is!  Victoria says.

Victoria carefully opens the door.

Ooh, what have we got here?  She says.

She holds the little bag up.

The girls look intently at the little plastic bag which holds the gifts.

They open it up.

It is a little plant ornament pot and hanger.  They both exclaim.

Shall we go and put it in the Christmas scene?   Victoria asks.

Let's put it down here...

One little decoration with room to add more!

Well that was fun wasn't it?  Victoria says.

It sure was, came the reply.

So shall we stay and play a while?  Victoria asks.

The girls decide that is just what they will do.

Two pretty blonde girls had lots of fun today.


  1. They are pretty in their Christmas dresses

    1. Thank you, they are two very pretty girls indeed and they love their Christmas dresses.

  2. An unusual decoration. Wondering if there will be more to come to fill in all the other open holes?

    1. I thought that as well Kendal...of course the following day we discovered there were more!


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