Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Secret Santa Swap - Part Four

Our Secret Santa Swap arrived a couple of weeks before Christmas and the girls took charge and tucked it safely into the sleigh away from prying eyes!

Christmas morning dawned and Peggy Sue and Henry are there to help Baby open the parcel as we were hopeful that Santa had given something especially for Baby as that is what Henry wrote in his letter.  

Baby is very excited...it is his first Christmas.

Inside the wrapping paper were TWO little sacks with cards attached and much to Henry's surprise there was something for him as well.

Baby was rather surprised to find some clothes inside the package and looks up at Peggy Sue.

Yes that is for you!  She says, thinking at last she might be able to get some clothes on Baby.

She helps get Baby dressed while Henry looks inside his sack.

Ooh some fun things to share with my friends.  Henry says,

Peggy Sue looks at Baby.  All dressed .  She says....having craftily put the top on with the ties at the back so Baby can't get out of it so easily!

Baby looks up at Peggy Sue.

 Henry is looking excitedly at the trophy, balls and other fun items he has received...and is planning the next sports event.

There you go you little scamp.  Peggy Sue says.  All dressed now. 

But for how long I wonder?!

Baby is thrilled with his little Peter Rabbit outfit and rubber ducks for the bath.

With their combined 'loot' from their special Secret Santa Brenda.

Time to make an escape...Baby is thinking.

Thank you for our lovely gifts Brenda.


  1. Baby is just too funny and adorable all at the same time. His new clothes are cute and I hope he does keep them on since it is wintertime! Henry looks very pleased with his gifts as well. :)

  2. A lovely Secret Santa post. The new baby is wonderful. :) xxx

  3. Perfect gifts for the new baby and so pleased to see that 'Dear' Henry was included in the Secret Santa Swap too!


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